(PECL win32service >=0.1.0)

win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcherRegisters the script with the SCM, so that it can act as the service with the given name


win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher(string $name, bool $gracefulMode = true): void

When launched via the Service Control Manager, a service process is required to "check-in" with it to establish service monitoring and communication facilities. This function performs the check-in by spawning a thread to handle the lower-level communication with the service control manager.

Once started, the service process should do 2 things. The first is to tell the Service Control Manager that the service is running. This is achieved by calling win32_set_service_status() with the WIN32_SERVICE_RUNNING constant. If you need to perform some lengthy process before the service is actually running, then you can use the WIN32_SERVICE_START_PENDING constant. The second is to continue to check-in with the service control manager so that it can determine if it should terminate. This is achieved by periodically calling win32_get_last_control_message() and handling the return code appropriately.


Since version 0.2.0, this function work only in "cli" SAPI. On other SAPI this function is disabled.



The short-name of the service, as registered by win32_create_service().


true for exit graceful. false for exit with error. See win32_set_service_exit_mode() for more details.



Prior to version 1.0.0, 成功时返回 WIN32_NO_ERROR,参数错误时返回 false,或失败时返回一个 Win32 错误码


Prior to version 1.0.0, if the SAPI is not "cli", this function emits an E_ERROR level error.

As of version 1.0.0, will throw a Win32ServiceException if SAPI is not "cli"


版本 说明
PECL win32service 1.0.0 Throws a ValueError on invalid data in parameters, previously false was returned.
PECL win32service 1.0.0 Throws a Win32ServiceException on error, previously a Win32 Error Code was returned.
PECL win32service 1.0.0 The return type is now void, previously it was mixed.
PECL win32service 0.4.0 The parameter gracefulMode has been added.
PECL win32service 0.2.0 This function works only in the "cli" SAPI.


示例 #1 A win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher() example

Check if the service is runnig under the SCM.

if (!win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher('dummyphp')) {
"I'm probably not running under the service control manager");


// Some lengthy process to get this service up and running.


while (
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP != win32_get_last_control_message()) {
# do some work here, trying not to take more than around 30 seconds
  # before coming back into the loop again